Oh, the blog

There has been lots going on and somehow the blog goes on without any updates. Here is a brief peek into of our lives.

1. Adoption. We continue to wait, sitting pretty at number 35. We are prepared to not see any movement until the new year. While this is hard to accept and brings a tear (or many) to my eyes, we are trusting God for his timing.

2. We may or may not be buying a house. This is what happens when you buy a home from the government (they should not be in real estate. Just say’n). Our bid has been accepted and we are now under contract. The inspection is complete and only the water pipes failed. We just might be hiring a plumber on day one. We now just wait (something we are getting good at) to hear when we can close.

The house is in a good shape, just in need of some TLC decorating to take care of things like this

and this

“Mom!? Why I can’t I open these lockers?”

uhm, because they are PAPER glued to the wall.


3. School has been going fantastic for MissE. Her Spanish is improving and she has mastered phrases like, “Keep your mouth shut, stand in a line, raise your hand, sit down, etc.” I am guessing those are the phrases most spoken in Kindergarten.


4. I spent a weekend away with some wonderful women from our church and neighboring churches. Nothing says fun like a weekend away with the girls.

My aunt and cousin had dinner with the King and Queen of Sweden over the weekend, so in honor of my Swedish ancestry I had to have my picture taken with the giant Dala horse.

5. I’m still only wearing 7 items of clothing all month. This has meant less quantity of laundry, just more frequency. Getting dressed in the morning is a breeze. The one and only major downfall of my wardrobe selection was my choice in footwear. I selected to wear my Los Thomas’s all month. They are cute and comfortable and so not appropriate for colder weather. My toes FREEZE! My best plan B is to simply just wear socks. I am in solidarity with those that do not have shoes. I will be buying all of our sponsor children shoes for Christmas.

 6. Nothing comes between us and family fun nights. It is a tradition I hope will live on for a long time.

 7. I’m following some of my favorite bloggers in Haiti this week. Check them out:

“There is hope here. I can’t explain it, but it’s here, I can feel it, I can even see it. It’s literally everywhere. It’s a mopping dirt kind of hope – frustrating, decisive, complicated, dogged, wearisome, inspiring.”  Jen Hatmaker

There is no poverty so great as a child without a family.” Kristen Howerton

“There are 20,000 people, most of them children, sleeping in tents on a golf course 2 hours off the coast of Florida.”  Jennie Allen

we can love these right-now kids, right from our right-now homesSarah Bessey

Book Review: Barefoot Church

Barefoot Church by Brandon Hatmaker (husband to one of my favorite bloggers, Jen Hatmaker) is a book about  engaging the church in social renewal and serving the least.

I am all on board with this topic but often struggle with what to do with my knowledge, passion, and burden. It has resulted in a lot of tension in my life.

I was so relieved to read these words.

“Tension is not a sign of God’s absence. In fact, it’s the opposite. Tension is most likely the evidence of his presence. Only when we recognize his presence do we grow in his presence” (p. 125)

I think it is fair to say that I am NOT a complacent person. I am always searching, seeking, and striving. I have been told, and rightly so, that I live with a lot more tension than the average person.  I would be tempted to take that as an insult, but I see how tension has produced change in my life; making me a better wife, mom, friend, and follower of Christ.

“There is a tendency in American Christianity to think we can choose a path without tension. Most of us would prefer to chart our journey that way. But God has called us to a join a journey – one that is more amazing, wonderful, scary, awesome, engaging, dangerous, passionate, and rewarding than anything we could ever dream of.” (p. 127)

So, I embrace the path of tension that is indeed scary and dangerous, but full of wonderful adventures!

Do you live with tension in regards to faith and action? What do you do about it?

Here is Brandon’s advice for moving forward.

“Make each right next decision. Take it one step at a time and be faithful in the moment. Here’s a guarantee: It will begin to create tension in your life. But as we discussed earlier, tension is good.” (p. 178)