And they are off..



MissE reports the best part of school is helping the teacher clean up the classroom and the worst part is that she now doesn’t have as much time to read (she read an average of  3 books a day in the summer). MissE also reports that she is going by her full name this year.



Junior reports that he loves school. His favorite part is singing and his least favorite part is playing outside (because he gets too hot and sweaty).

I report having both kids in school is AMAZING!! I am loving my few hours a week that are quiet and I can get work done. I also enjoy the one on one time with Junior when he is not at school. All in all, a great start to the school year!

Activity Director in Training

We had our first parent/teacher conferences at MissE’s new school. It came as no surprise to hear the teacher talk about the characteristics and qualities of our little girl. Academically she is a bit of an overachiever (like her mother). Socially she loves making friends.

The teacher commented, “MissE is a leader. She can get her classmates to do most anything. We had two minutes of free time and I turned around and MissE had organized almost the entire class to set up chairs and pretend they were at a movie theatre.

No surprise there.

We call my mom the Activity Director because whenever we are at the cabin she is always organizing the next game or activity. We started calling MissE the Activity Director in Training, because she also loves to boss organize.

MissE asked us on the way to conferences, “By the end of they year will they make me the teacher?’

Photo credits: Anna Silverthorn Photography

First Day of K

My baby starts Kindergarten today. We are sending her off to a new school, a new teacher, and a new language (the teacher will only speak Spanish). She was scared at first, but this girl is filled with sass and determination. She would enroll in college tomorrow if she could.

I would be more sad about sending her off, but I know she is ‘ready’ for the challenge and eager to go. She was mad that other kids got to start school on Tuesday and she had to wait TWO MORE days.

We met her teacher and toured her classroom last week at the open house.

MissE says, ” I like my teacher, she is cute.”

Go conquer the world girly! Have a great first day! We love you!