Goodbye lockers!

Do you remember the locker room?

DSC_0151 copy

Well, after a lot of hard work it no longer looks like this. Let’s talk about the hard work first. My mom and I spent an entire day peeling off wall paper. Let this be a lesson to all people. Do not use wallpaper. Just don’t. Then my dad filled in the countless holes in the wall (some from screws, some from my digging at the wallpaper with a knife). Next, James and a friend sanded the entire room. Let this be the next lesson for all people. Do not use textured paint. Just don’t. And if you feel that you absolutely love textured paint. Use it in one room, not the entire house. Okay, so after the walls were peeled, sanded, and prepped it was time to paint.

We found this lovely shade of purple in oops paint and there were two cans. Side note, when using two cans of oops paint, mix them together before painting to insure color consistency. Or if you want to be like us, don’t mix them and end up having to paint the walls three times. If you like painting, maybe this is your better option.

All kidding aside, after A LOT of hard work. The purple princess room is ready and being occupied!


It is a little girl’s dream.





I’m happy, she’s happy. On to the next room! Who wants to come help me paint? ;)

We moved.

After Halloween. And surgery. We packed up our life from our homey little townhome and moved.

It felt completely overwhelming and just plain like too much.

After closing on our new house we discovered leaking pipes which resulted in holes in the wall and ceiling. My dad and our friends, Ryan and Thylin, worked hard to give us running water. After a few days we had everything up and running. Then our church family came in and moved all of our belongings and cleaned our old place from top to bottom. It was incredible!

We are beyond grateful to have had their support during this transition! I am not even sure if it would have even been possible without everyone that helped out in some way or another.

I would say we are mostly settled into our new home. My parents came again this weekend and helped finish a few more projects. There are still many rooms that need paint, but at least the house is in ‘working’ order. I promise to post before/after pictures as we go.

We had to get all new appliances as the home was foreclosed and did not come with any. The kids spent an entire hour watching the new laundry machine.