Book Review: The Vow

A few weeks ago we watched the movie, The Vow. I was all ready to love it because I knew it was based on a true story. But, instead I felt confused and disappointed.

*Spoiler Alert * I couldn’t believe he divorced her and how the story ended with them just sorta kinda dating again. It all left me wanting something more. A story with more depth.

Some of you know I really don’t like to buy books, but I just had to know how the real life version was different from this less than satisfying movie version. So, I plunked down the change with an audible gasp and came home with The Vow tucked in my purse.

I am happy to report that the book is way better. It makes significantly more sense and *spoiler alert* of course he doesn’t divorce her! Faith in God was a vital part of their dating, short marriage, accident, recovery, and re-newed marriage.

Do you want to borrow it? That would validate me for purchasing it in the first place :)