Making dreams come true

It’s the county fair week and after sitting it out the past two years, we caved and bought tickets. Two years changes things. Junior man can now go on rides, although he prefers the tamest ones. MissE on the other hand has grown into a full-blown dare devil. She went on all the crazy, big kid rides while I sat on the sidelines and tried to keep breathing. Dreams came true for my dear husband, too. After years of wanting to ride the camel, he finally got his chance.

We had agreed that if we did the county fair we would not go to the state fair. But as MissE was whipping and spinning on the rides we got a call that she had won state fair tickets from the library. Looks like we get to do this all over again in a few weeks! Dreams coming true :)





Family Fun

We have been holiday ‘baking’ around the house. Last Sunday we were practically snowed in so I decided why not embrace the mess and make cut out cookies. I was only able to locate the star cookie cutter, but less is more in my opinion.

DSC_0875Frosting cookies is serious business

This was our first storm without paid snow removal service. Good thing we have MissE. She works for free, although occasionally stops to take a sledding break.


On Wednesday we built the annual gingerbread houses. I tried my best not to take offense when MissE said, “I wish Finley were here, he is the best gingerbread house maker.” (he was her assistant for last year’s house making festivities).

DSC_0911 DSC_0927 DSC_0924This activity is really just an excuse to eat candy. A side benefit is that it makes our home smell yummy for as long as the houses stand.

Embracing the Fall

Last year felt like a rush of activities, mostly good, but mainly too many.

This year, in efforts to slow down and enjoy time with our little family, we implemented a new tradition. We titled it appropriately, ‘Family Fun Night‘. In the words of MissE, “This is my FAVORITE day of the week!”

We are only about three weeks in, but every week on this day we block out any and all other activities and do stuff as a family. This time we packed a picnic and spent the evening at a local orchard.

It was good for the kids to run and be loud and be kids. It was good for us as parents to run and be loud and enjoy our kids.

Hi, Handsome! Remember when we brought you here when you were just a week old and you cried the whole time? Yeah, we hadn’t been back since. Glad to see your feelings have changed.

All Aboard!

haybales. From my childhood to hers.

We finished the night with apple doughnuts, homemade caramels, and cider.

Welcome, Fall.