Once upon a time there was a little blonde girl that lived in the frozen tundra of northern Minnesota. She grew up in a teeny, tiny town and celebrated Christmas with Swedish Meatballs and picked fresh strawberries all summer long. She dreamed of life outside of the small town and set off for adventure shortly after high school.

In her quest for adventure she traversed to the far away land of the east coast. There she encountered Sweet Tea, Southern Baptists, and Mr. Tall Dark and Handsome aka Rican. He was mystified by her blonde hair and strange accent. She was intrigued by his tan skin and ambivalence for time.

Mr. Rican was born in an even more far away land call San Juan, Puerto Rico. His parents were the real version of West Side Story. He celebrated Three Kings Day after Christmas and chased lizards in his Titi’s backyard.

For the Swede and the Rican it was love at first sight. They married in the frozen land during the snowy time and celebrated with a honeymoon in the tropics. Ever since they have been learning from one another and growing as a family.

God caught their hearts with the vision and passion for adoption. Follow along as they continue to expand their culture and increase their family through international adoption.

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