Book Review: Adoption Edition Part 1

 “You my mommy!” she announced as I walked by.

I stopped before her. “That’s right baby. I’m your mommy.”

“And Nattie, she my sister!”

“That’s right. Nattie’s your sister.”

“And daddy” – she’s excited now, a little breathless – “Daddy is my daddy!”

“That’s right sweetheart. Daddy is your daddy.”

“We’re a family!” she crows. “It’s a present!”


Two Little Girls: A Memoir of Adoption

Oh, how I enjoyed this book (thanks to my amazing friend, Sarah, for recommending it as she also makes her way through the adoption journey).

Reid is painfully honest in her story of adoption, the specifications they made for selecting a child, the anguish in turning down a child, and the exhaustive paperwork/travel process.

Even for non-adoptive readers; the story, the drama, and the emotion of this book will capture you. (I started reading this at night and could not sleep without knowing the ending).

However, as a whole, this book made me a little sad. Reid is an agnostic and I really felt like the perspective lacked hope.


Papa Piccolo
This was an excellent children’s book that touched on adoption. It was part of MissE’s Five in a Row curriculum. Piccolo is a tomcat that lives for adventure!  Then he encounters two orphan kittens and something changes within him. He cannot simply walk away and ignore their existence. He decides to embark on the greatest adventure of all…raising youngsters!

My Reflection:

1. We have been given a lavish gift of having been born into loving, stable, nuclear, hard-working, and godly families.

We want to continue to give and receive the gift of family.

2. Like, Piccolo, we cannot walk away.

After spending months and months learning about adoption and Honduras, we simply cannot walk away as if nothing has changed within us. Whatever it takes, big or small, we want to embrace this adventure and welcome a child forever into our family.


ps – Thanks for walking alongside us on this journey!!


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