Book Review: Biography Edition

The past two weeks I went on a biography binge. I read the following books.

I read Decision Points on the eve of 9/11. I wanted to know more about what happened that day and how that day impacted future decisions. However, I was really overwhelmed by all the details in the books (dates, names, places, etc). A history buff would probably enjoy the book, but overall I skimmed entire pages looking for more of the personal aspect.

I was inspired when Bush  talked about his personal transformation of waking up after turning 40 with a hangover, quitting drinking, and then turning 50 as governor of Texas.  It made me feel like I still had a lot of time to accomplish what I desire from life :)

I also loved the story of he and Laura watching ‘Meet the Fockers’ with Tony Blair (Can you picture it?) .

I Shall Not Hate was, in some ways, the flip side to Decision Points. It follows a Palestinian Doctor who lived in Gaza strip and worked in Israel. I honestly knew very little about life in Gaza and the book was eye opening. Unfortunately, He paints a somewhat hope-less picture. He talks about working to bridge the cultures there, valuing people, and reaching peace. But, in the end he moves to Toronto to raise his family in a safe place. This book gave me a new awareness of that part of the world ~ especially considering that just this week Palestine requested statehood. My heart aches for the children there. Hurt people hurt people.


This was BY FAR my favorite of the three biographies. I grew up hearing the story of Joni Eareckson Tada and knew a little about how she was paralyzed from the neck down during a diving accident. This book explores her adventurous childhood, her encounter with Jesus as a teenager, and her search for purpose in life after becoming a paraplegic. It also covers the absolutely incredible ways God has blessed Joni and used her to reach out to others.

We all have wrestled with questions about the meaning of life and I loved, loved, loved Joni’s honesty in dealing with doubts, depression, and uncertainty all the while moving forward with the life God had given her. Her life is an inspiration to millions and she has done great work in promoting the care, support, and value of those living with disabilities. She ended the book saying…

God had brought me here that I might see  - and thank him – for the wiser choice, the better answer, and the harder yet richer path.

Ah, this is the God I love. The Center, the Peacemaker, the Passport to adventure, the Joyride, and the Answer to all our deepest longings.  He has brought me here…to declare to anyone within earshot of the whole universe, to anyone who might care, that yes –

There are more important things in life than walking.

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