Book Review: Radical


I just finished reading Radical; taking back your faith from the American Dream. After a year of paying off all of our debt, I felt like we had the radical lifestyle down. I was certain this book would reinforce what I already knew about living on less and giving up the pursuit of possessions.

Fortunately, it was way more than that.

I was stopped in my tracks when I read this paragraph (pg 80).

Then something happened last year that changed my life. I stood in a city dump in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. I saw men, women, and children who were living in a dump where they scoured for food and shelter. Humbled by the reality of parents raising their kids in a dump, I reached my breaking point when I saw a woman eight months pregnant walk by me, looking for food. I couldn’t decide which was worse – the fact that the baby was conceived in a dump or that it was going to be born there.

Wait. What did that just say?

That could be our mama. That could be our baby.

My heart was broken and alive at the same time.

Can I fly to Honduras tomorrow? Can I send them my leftover chicken burritos? What can I do to help right now?

The book continues.

In the middle of these scene, God asked me, “What are you going to do with what I have given you? How are you going to use your influence, your leadership, and your resources in the world around you?”

And that, my friends, is really why I liked the book. It didn’t just say here is a five step plan for making yourself feel better about your life. It said, here is the reality of the world and the reality of Jesus, what are you going to do about it this year?


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One thought on “Book Review: Radical

  1. Awesome!!! Can’t wait to ready… I feel that these are the same questions god has been asking of me this whole year… molding my heart to see what i don’t “need” in my life and how it could change another’s. Thanks for the review, love you!

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