2 months

We have had two months with our girl and it has been incredible. Everyday we see more and more of her little personality. She fits so well with our family and we are forever grateful! We love her!

Some insights into our girl:

  • She is girly! She loves dresses, shoes, having her hair done, purses, finger nails painted, etc. Here she is twirling in one of her favorite dresses.DSC_0101
  • She dressed herself on this day and could not have been more proud of her outfit! IMG_0986
  • She is a picky eater! We have found a few staple foods she likes, but we have been largely unsuccessful at getting her to eat a single vegetable. In fact, as soon as she sees vegetables being brought to the table she starts saying, “No thank you, Mama!”
  • She has learned several English words and has started saying 3-5 word sentences. We also have had success using some sign language. For the most part we are able to communicate using the two without any difficulties. She has dropped all Mandarin except the occasional counting to five.
  • She has a good sense of humor which is necessary to survive in our family. She giggles at the jokes of brother and dad and occasionally tells her own little jokes.
  • She adores her big Sister and plays well with big brother. She misses them when they go to school and gets so excited when she knows it is getting close to the time for them to come home. She sits at the window and watches until she sees them. IMG_1229
  • She loves to play outside! Although only moderately enjoyed the snow.IMG_0649
  • My three monkeys :) IMG_1197IMG_1138
  • She hates being messy! She asks for a napkin at every single meal. We have been working a lot on sensory play. Some of it she likes, the messy stuff she hates. IMG_0635This is her worried look.IMG_1081


  • She loves books! We spend hours each day reading books.IMG_0954
  • She is crazy flexible! She loves to do flips, time to get that girl in gymnastics! *I love when she does the wrinkled nose smile! My favorite !IMG_0541
  • Loves tea parties with her sister! IMG_0411
  • And so much more!
  • We could not be happier! DSC_0012





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