China recap: part 3 Guangzhou

We were thrilled to get to Guangzhou and be in the final stretch of our trip. Here we had to do a medical appointment, consulate appointment, and get her visa. The weather was warmer and we could also do a lot of outside activities.

First up was the medical stuff. No fun. Lots of waiting, being examined/measured, and of course, blood draws. Here we are waiting.


Outside the offices we found this machine. We joked that it was placed there out of necessity to survive these types of appointments.



After the medical exam we had time to explore the parks by our hotel and nearby shops.

She loved playing outside!


This was the park within our hotel.



Let the Americanization begin!IMG_0248.JPGThese are the famous stairs of our hotel. Our agency takes pictures of each team of families on these steps. Finally it was our turn!


We had a lot of free time and explored some cultural sites, Sharmian Island, and a Safari Park. DSC_0107



The Safari park was a lot of fun! She loved seeing the animals. We discovered the giraffe was her favorite!

IMG_0305.JPGIMG_0311.JPGDSC_0297DSC_0365We enjoyed one last authentic Chinese meal with our travel friends. We really liked the food in China! Can you tell we are a little tired? And very much ready to be home.



We picked up her visa on the afternoon of Wednesday, January 28th and immediately got in a van and headed to Hong Kong. It was around a 4 hour van ride and I’m not sure exactly why, but it made me extremely carsick. Worse than the mountain roads in Honduras! It was touch and go, but finally we made it. We checked in for a quick overnight and hopped on the plane the next morning.


She was a fairly good traveler and minus a little crying, did fantastic!

We were all too thrilled to land in America. U.S. citizen! Woohoo!


And we were even more thrilled when we finally made it home!

Our whole family. Together at last. Together forever.




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