China Recap: Part One

Our first days in China were spent in Beijing sightseeing. We called this part of our trip our ’10 year anniversary getaway’. No kids! So Romantic :)

The first day we got to see the WALL. It is big, in case you haven’t heard. The steps are also crazy uneven and steep, making for quite the climb.

DSC_0057What goes up, must also come down!


Later we visited the Olympic park. James was feeling the Olympic spirit and had to stretch before his lap with the torch.


The next day we visited the Forbidden City. We underestimated the size of the Forbidden City. It is very large; hence a city! It is beautiful and you really can’t capture it in photos. So much history!

Here we are in Tiananmen Square, with the Forbidden City in the background.

DSC_0113And James, being James.

DSC_0120Near the back of the Forbidden City there are two trees that have grown together to become one, just like our lives, slowly over time, twisting and tangling to be this one beautiful life.

DSC_0191Later we visited the Summer Palace. It looked very similar to the Forbidden City. The funny thing was on the way there, one of the families that home school their children were prepping them on the history. The mom said, ‘The Summer palace was built by the Russians.’ Uhm, what?! Turns out she was teaching her kids about a different Summer Palace. We all got a good laugh!

We ate a lot of good Chinese food, mastered chop sticks, had an official tea ceremony, were encouraged pressured to purchase jade/pearl/silk/tea, adjusted to the time change, and tried to have fun in Beijing all the while knowing that soon our lives would change forever.




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