Movie Review: Soul Surfer


We finally got to watch Soul Surfer last night. I say finally, because I thought it was coming out two weeks ago and was a little devastated to have to wait so long.

I’m not going to lie. Some of the acting was a little cheesy and I really could not buy Carrie Underwood as a youth pastor.

BUT, I love the story!

After the movie was over, we had to watch all of the special features. I was so impressed with this young lady. The determination, the love for surfing, and the unwavering faith in God was inspiring. To think she lost her arm and a month later was surfing! To watch the real Bethany Hamilton awkwardly address the media, not because she loved to talk about herself, but because she was determined to use her situation to bring honor to Jesus Christ!

So awesome!

And now I want to go surfing.

Or move to Hawaii.

But, maybe not, because now I have the soundtrack of JAWS playing in my mind.

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