Prayer Request

We have a prayer request. We are waiting on the country to issue our Travel Approval, the last thing needed before we know our travel dates and can book tickets. Unfortunately the country’s computer system has been down for a week and they will be closed from Dec 27 – JanĀ  5. Will you please pray with us that somehow our travel approval can be issued before they close. It is a small window of time, but we know our God is able.

I am praying we get it before Christmas! It would make the perfect gift

Thanks so much!! What a journey this has been.

Thank you to all who have donated or mentioned I could have/borrow hand-me-downs. I updated our list of needs based on what has been offered and what we still need.

  • size 2t-3t clothes
  • pajamas
  • swimsuit
  • winter coat
  • underwear
  • socks, etc.
  • size 6 toddler shoes
  • bibs
  • baby carrier/sling (Ergo?)
  • sippy cups, snack cups
  • toddler snacks (apple sauce pouches, goldfish, etc.)
  • candy (aka bribes for appointments and long plane rides)
  • small toys/books to take with us for the plane
  • toddler backpack
  • Target registry of other items needed
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One thought on “Prayer Request

  1. Dear Cousins, We received a Christmas card from Aunt Elly letting us know about your precious little girl! So excited for you all:) Praying all goes well. Much love, Ruthie

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