The next big adventure…

We are officially announcing that we are pursuing a concurrent adoption program through China. This means that we will hopefully bring home a child from China while we continue to wait for movement in Honduras.

This process began months ago when we started looking into concurrent programs. The ‘C’ word was causing some problems, but we found out that there was a chance China would make an exception. We applied to our agency’s program in June and got THE call in July for a two year old boy. We appealed to China for an exception right away and heard the YES in August. Since then it has been a crazy, intense whirlwind of paperwork. We have our approved homestudy in hand and now we wait for the USCIS (United States Citizens and Immigration Services) approval. That process has been taking 90 days, so we sit back and wait. Once that approval comes our paperwork goes to China and from there it will be approximately 5 months until we have travel dates.

Wow?! What?!

I know. Surprising, right? We are committed to growing our family through adoption, regardless of where and how that happens. We have been praying about this for a long time and really feel that God has led us to this point. We have consulted with trusted friends, adoptive parents, doctors, and our social worker. This is another leap of faith, one where we can only trust that God is going before us. We are praying that this boy can come home quickly and join our family.

Did you say boy? I thought China had mostly girls available for adoption?

China has both girls and boys available for adoption, but in general girls from any country are twice as likely to be adopted over boys. Love Without Boundaries actually lists being a boy as a special need, you can read about it here and here. Either way, we are thrilled to bring home a child!


I thought the wait time for an adoption from China was 5+ years?

There is an extremely long wait for those seeking to adopt ‘healthy’ children from China. Our child is a waiting child, meaning there are some documented medical needs. This is part of the leap of faith. We won’t know the extent of those needs until our child is home and receiving medical care, but we are hopeful that he will enjoy a full life.

Why didn’t you say something sooner?

Honestly, I was scared to talk about it. I was afraid that we would venture out, submit a bunch of paperwork, and then have the door close in front of us.

I still am afraid. We are now three years into the adoption world and we know how things can change in an instant. We would very much appreciate your prayers.

Please pray that our immigration approval goes through faster than anticipated, that our paperwork can get to China quickly, that our little guy will continue to grow healthy and strong, that he would feel God’s love and presence in his life even now, and that our family would be woven together.

To God be the Glory!

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