A special Thanks!

We presented on our Honduras trip on Sunday and it was fun to recount all of the great things about Give Hope 2 Kids and our opportunity to visit and serve them.

 20131015-095013.jpgTeam Honduras

20131015-095036.jpgOur trip team with the directors of Give Hope 2 Kids and all our kiddos.

We really appreciate everyone that donated Croc shoes and gave financially to make the trip happen. We love you all and your generosity is inspiring!

I wanted to take a moment to especially thank my wonderful mother-in-law. Without her this trip would not have been a possibility. She eagerly agreed to come and watch our kids while we were gone. It was so great to know our kids were being well cared for and loved while we were away. She acted like it was no problem at all and never complained about child meltdowns, tantrums, or sibling fights. It is possible our children were perfect while we were gone, but that probability is slim. She juggled school schedules, mixed up lunch payments, and library due dates with ease.

We came home to happy kids that were sad to see grandma go home. Junior, in particular, jumped out of the car at the airport, convinced he was going with grandma.

Thank you!!

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One thought on “A special Thanks!

  1. My absolute pleasure!!! I miss the little lovebugs sooo much! It was an honor to be entrusted with the little munchkins and a wonderful time of bonding. I feel like I left a little piece of my heart in MN. Can’t wait to see you all again. Receive a great, big hug from grandma!!!

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