Summer fun

Summer is is flying by and we are loving it. We kicked off the summer with our slip and slide, which soon became the neighborhood hit.



The following week MissE got to go to a VBS day camp with her BFF.



After that, my bff stopped by for a quick visit. She came because they were meeting with their social working because, you guessed it, they are ADOPTING!! It is so wonderful when my good friends become adopting friends. :)


Somewhere in there was Father’s day and we celebrated having such cool dads with ice cream. We love our dads!


Then MissE had soccer camp (she was one of two girls that signed up for the co-ed camp). She loved it and Junior and I loved our mornings at the park.


Then summer felt like it officially started with a trip to the beach.


Then there were a couple cabin trips (we hope to make a lot more!!)


I’d like to just camp out in this chair for the rest of the summer.


We even got to bring some friends to the cabin!


This week was volleyball camp. Hello to the era of ridiculous sports t-shirts. Really?



We got to spend one more beach day with some dear friends before they pack up and move away for a month or two.



Finally, while picking up an item we purchased from craigslist the seller let MissE try out his little violin. He was so impressed with her creative skills he exclaimed, “She can have it! You must get her lessons!” Hhhhmmmm, is creative really the word to use for a child playing a violin? Who wants to give her lessons?!


That is run-down of our past few weeks. Somewhere in there I also have been teaching three classes and have managed to stay up-to-date on grading. Happy Summer!!

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