Goodbye K

MissE officially graduated from Kindergarten! It was a bittersweet day. I am pumped to be done with drop off/pick up, but I tucked a little girl into bed with tears in her eyes. It has been a wonderful year for her and it is hard to say goodbye. It was her teacher’s first year of teaching and she was so enthusiastic. She cried today, too and sent the kids off with a 15 minute DVD chronically their year. MissE never would sing me her Spanish songs that they sang everyday in class. Luckly, they are all on the video :)

Here she is on day one.


And here she is as a 1st grader!! Woohoo! We celebrated with dinner and a night out at an indoor climbing park. We are proud of you, girl!




And now we will spend the rest of the day watching the video over and over again, looking through the year’s portfolio, and writing ‘I miss you’ cards to friends. Transition is never easy. Thankfully, we have the For the Kids Carnival on Sunday to look forward to!!

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