An unexpected weekend

Time to catch up with the ol’ blog. A few weekends ago my parents came down to watch the kiddos so we could go to an adoption parenting conference. We were really excited about a little getaway and for a chance to learn and sharpen our parenting skills. Unfortunately, the weather had different plans and by the time my parents had arrived we were in the middle of a blizzard and our flights had been cancelled. Disappointed is an understatement. We had a very nice weekend, it just looked a little different than we planned.

My mom made my favorite cinnamon french toast for breakfast.



My dad build us a little mini-deck. He had to shovel a path to the door first and he built it in the freezing cold. We watched his work from inside. Great job, dad! :)




The kids love it! We love it! Now we have a way to get to our nice fenced in backyard without going around the house.


We really put my parents to work. Later my dad gave Junior a much needed haircut.



My mom taught MissE how to sew a sampler. She has been wanting to learn since reading Felicity.



My parents are amazing! We were sad to miss the conference, but really enjoyed having them here!

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