Thankful Thursday: FOOD

Okay, last week was tea, this week is food, but seriously I am thankful for FOOD.

A couple weeks ago I started doing the 7 Experiment: Staging your own mutiny against excess with some friends. This past week (note week, not month like in the original book) was food week. I ate only seven foods.

1. ChickenĀ 2. Eggs
3. spinach
4. apples
5. avacados
6. whole grain bread
7. TEA :)

Seven foods for a week was really a breeze in that it was easy meal prep, food I liked, and healthy. Plus, I had already cut out coffee the week before. All in all, I felt really good after the week was over. However, the biggest challenge was missing ‘snack’ time and my after-the-kids-are-in-bed treat. Right, doesn’t every mom have that?

I also had to count how many food items we had in the house and discovered a full bag of Lindt truffles. Those are my absolute FAVORITE, so it was torture to have to put them back on the shelf without consuming even just one.

I had to go grocery shopping during the week to feed the kids (they weren’t too keen on a week of spinach). While in the grocery store I was overwhelmed by choices, choices, choices. We just have so many options, even buying whole grain bread, there were multiple shelves to pick from. I was also suddenly aware of my impulse ‘oooh, that looks yummy’ purchases. I said no to those impulses, but realized just how frequently I eat based on that feeling of “I want that food item right now because I suddenly desire it and I can have it”.

So, yes, I am thankful for food.

I am Thankful that I live in a country where food is plentiful.

I am thankful that I have the ability to feed my children Every. Single. Day. (this is a luxury many in the world do not have).

I am not thankful that my children take this for granted and throw away good food (in which I resist temptation to dig it out of the trash, because eating only seven foods has indeed left me a wee bit hungry). But, I am encouraged that we can do better at eating what we have, only buying what we need, and always being generous in sharing with others.

I dare you to eat only seven foods for a week and see what new insights you have.

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