Book Review: Heaven is for Real

If you haven’t read Heaven is for Real you may very well be the last person in America not to do so. Or maybe that is an exaggeration, but a lot of people have read it. I had heard the buzz for a few weeks and was eager to get my hands on it, but I was number 175 on the wait list from the library.

My sister purchased the book for my dad for a belated father’s day present. It was fitting since my dad’s mom (my grandma) had just entered the gates of heaven after 92 1/2 full years on earth. My dad read it quickly and loved it. He brought it to the cabin over the 4th and than my brother, sister, and myself all read it within a day.

Everyone agreed. It was a perfect, heartwarming book that reminds of how much Jesus loves children. My brother said he wanted to buy copies and hand them out to friends. My sister said it should be required reading for children’s church workers and VBS volunteers.

For me, it was such an encouraging outlook on how every child is created and loved by God.

Our child that is waiting for us somewhere across the ocean is being watched over and cared for by an amazing God.

Our child that was lost in miscarriage, was loved by God and is in heaven with him at this very moment.

Our two beautiful children that live happily and health-fully in our home, are being taught about the God of the universe. Sometimes it feels like they don’t grasp what I would want them to know about God. This book reminded me that they don’t need to take lessons on theology to know that God loves them and uniquely created them.

Their child-like faith brings joy to God and I can rest knowing he loves them even more than I do.

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