I love being a mom

I really do. It is a tiring job for sure and I have the circles under my eyes to prove it. But, there are those moments that make it all feel so worth it, like I won the lottery of life.

A few favorite moments with MissE this past week include:


1. Watching her read chapter books and I mean speed-read, just like her momma. Her goal was to read a book a day. I think she made it through 4 books and then lost steam. Still, 4 chapter books in 4 days is a feat for a five year old. I can’t wait until she sees what we got her for Christmas. Ssshhhh. It’s the Felicity book series.

2. Taking her to the secret shop at school to buy Christmas gifts for all of us….all by herself.

She was so excited. She wrote out a list and I could tell she was really thinking through what each of us would like. She would randomly ask questions like, “Mom, what is your favorite coffee?”

Ah, she knows what I love!

I dropped her off at the ‘shop’ and picked her up with a bag full of wrapped gifts. She said, “Mom, I can’t wait until you open your gift. You will give me a big hug. I can’t wait until dad opens his present. He will love it so much he will jump out of his chair!”

I can’t wait to see what she bought us, either! I feel like a kid again, longing to shake the packages and see if I can peek in through the cracks.

3. Hearing what she wanted to give her teacher for Christmas. I asked MissE what she thought we should get her teacher for a gift. She said, “Mom, I never hear my teacher talk about Jesus. We should get her a bible. Maybe then she would know Jesus and talk about him.”

I explained to her about it being a public school and that there are rules about teachers talking about Jesus and how some students might not believe in Jesus. She thought about it a minute and responded, “Well, I still want to give my teacher a bible, because I want her to know that I do believe in Jesus.”

  ~ I’m not sure what to do here. Any tips? On one hand I absolutely love her resolution and pure faith. On the other hand we don’t know her teacher, I have been a seriously delinquent parent as far as school goes, and I don’t really want the reputation of being one of *those* families. Although, truly, we probably are *that* family.

4. Lastly, I picked up the book Heaven is for Real for kids from the library.

Heaven is for Real for Kids: A Little Boy's Astounding Story of His Trip to Heaven and Back

MissE has been pouring over the pages. I wasn’t all that impressed with the book and was somewhat surprised when I realized she loved it. She has been talking about how she can’t wait to get to heaven to see God. Her enthusiasm is contagious. I look forward to heaven, too.

This is a good life we have here, but this is definitely not our best life.

Can I get an Amen?!

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7 thoughts on “I love being a mom

  1. My mom got that book for my kids for Christmas. She has been talking about that book for months. I haven’t read it. She is so excited to give it to them.

    • Yeah, I loved the ‘heaven is for real’ adult version. I was surprised how much Ella liked reading about heaven and imagining what it would be like.

  2. That little girl warms my heart!!! I say get the teacher a Bible. If that was MissE’s first instinct, I think you should do it. Make sure it’s the kind that explains salvation in the front. Wouldn’t that be great if she came to know the Lord through Ella? Wow!!! Can’t wait to hear what she got the family for Christmas. Keep me posted. Love ya!

  3. Amen!! She’s a little evangelist already. I guess this is what God is talking about when He says we should have the faith of a child! Maybe a little note explaining Ella’s heart for Jesus, along with the Bible, would be a good idea!

  4. Well, you asked so this is my opinion. I think a bible is a bad idea for a lot of reasons, and could be seen as slightly insulting on many levels. As you pointed out to Ella, this is a public school, and therefor has lots of people with lots of beliefs that are different from yours; and those holding these beliefs are just as sure they are the correct ones and you are about yours. Since you know very little about the teacher and her beliefs (which is exactly as it should be in a public school) I would choose something a lot more neutral as a present. We have found that a gift card works best. After their 100th mug, these are the most appreciated.

    • Well, technically she is a first year teacher so we could be the ones that kick-start her coffee mug/ornament collection. She might actually be in need of a ‘world’s greatest teacher’ mug :)

      No, we are going to get her some good latin coffee (she studied in El Salvador and has some family background from there) and probably a gift card to Caribou (connecting the Latin with the Northen cultures).

      I am still torn on the bible idea. I love MissE’s pure and genuine faith. The faith of a child is a special thing and I would sure hate to squash that innocence. I think if the teacher knew the story behind it and that it came from MissE then I would find it hard to believe that it could be considered offensive. It is, afterall, a CHRISTmas gift. I might go the route of getting a Spanish bible. We’ll see.

      We won’t be winning parents of the year award at school either way, so there isn’t much to lose :)

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