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There is just nothing like have an almost stranger visit your home to evaluate your cleanliness, safety, and fit as parents. We have a really great social worker and it still sent me into a bit of a panic mode.

I had let her know that considering we had just moved, our house was somewhat in chaos. She had said not to worry about it, but I still did my best to get the house clean and ready (besides the boxes and half-painted walls). By the time she knocked on the door I was feeling really good about our overall ‘appearance’.

Ha, I should have known.

MissE was the first to the door and proudly delivered to our beloved social worker a hand written note.

Photo: How to impress your social worker while updating your adoption home study: step 1 - Clean, clean, clean. Step 2 - Have your daughter greet her at the door with this note. Step 3 - embarrassingly insist that you indeed do NOT have lice, while watching said social worker visibly start scratching her head.


In case you have difficulty deciphering her last word, she also loudly declared it, “My mom has LICE!”

“Uhm, no. No, I don’t.”

“Yes, mom! I heard you say you have lice!”

Insert image of our social worker starting to scratch her head.

Turns out MissE had overheard me say that there was an out break of lice in her school which made me scratch my head, as if I had lice. She took it to mean that I did, indeed, have lice.

Oh well, we all got a good laugh. And, MissE redeemed herself by writing this note.

Photo: Step 4. Thank your daughter for following up with this sweet note.

Other than that, the visit went well and we can cross it off our list. We are praying mightily that God will do a miracle in the Honduras program and that we won’t have to update our homestudy for a third time.

We are also praying about adjusting our age request to 0-3 year old and specifically listing what special needs we would be open to considering. Pray that God would give us wisdom and discernment. We are ready and available and really desire that 2013 will be the year our family grows.

And PS our home is lice free. I promise!

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