Activity Director in Training

We had our first parent/teacher conferences at MissE’s new school. It came as no surprise to hear the teacher talk about the characteristics and qualities of our little girl. Academically she is a bit of an overachiever (like her mother). Socially she loves making friends.

The teacher commented, “MissE is a leader. She can get her classmates to do most anything. We had two minutes of free time and I turned around and MissE had organized almost the entire class to set up chairs and pretend they were at a movie theatre.

No surprise there.

We call my mom the Activity Director because whenever we are at the cabin she is always organizing the next game or activity. We started calling MissE the Activity Director in Training, because she also loves to boss organize.

MissE asked us on the way to conferences, “By the end of they year will they make me the teacher?’

Photo credits: Anna Silverthorn Photography

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