5 going on 15

We brought our high school students to Feed My Starving Children this week. We were short a couple spots and so our dear five year old got to tag along. I’m not sure if this was good or not. She had a fantastic time and totally gets caring for the hungry.

However, the next day she asked if she could go to her friend’s house.

Her 15 year old ‘friend’.

I tried to explain that this girl was a babysitter not a ‘friend’, but MissE was not having it. She began to list off all of her teenage ‘friends’. All girls, thankfully.

5, going on 15


While we were at FMSC I picked up a sweet new hat to wear as one of my select items of clothing this month. Long story short, I’m doing the 7 clothes challenge with my friend, based on Jen Hatmaker’s book. I spent the majority of Monday morning in my pj’s, afraid to commit to an article of clothing lest I change my mind later in the week. The hat was a go because a) it is getting cold and it will keep my head warm (kinda) and b) it means I don’t have to fix my hair and c) I want to be globally minded (Do you see Honduras there? It’s there for sure and always on my heart).

The bad news is that said five year old totally swiped it from me, leaving me with only six items of clothing to make it through the month. (Minus the wedding weekend which is coming quickly!)

Do you want to buy a fun hat like this? Check out FMSC’s marketplace online and support a great organization.

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One thought on “5 going on 15

  1. haha I love that…”minus the wedding weekend.” I love reading all the updates!! I’ll be seeing you in less than two weeks!!

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