Is McDs worth the wait?

We met friends at a park today to catch up one last time before they officially move away.

tear. another friend. moved away.

She was talking about God’s timing in their lives and how now looking back they can see how God orchestrated a job change, house sold, move, and pregnancy all in his perfect timing. If any of the events had occurred out of order there would have been less, well, order.

It made me laugh because just yesterday I was contemplating the cliche phrase, ‘worth the wait’.

There are a lot of things ‘worth the wait’ (marriage, children, etc.), but in general the people that are quoting that phrase are usually the ones that have already finished the wait. I would argue it is much easier to claim things are ‘worth the wait’ once you are no longer waiting.

The challenge comes in believing the wait is worth it while you are still waiting.

This is especially difficult considering the culture in which we live. Instant gratification is a top value (think fast food). Have you ever eaten at McDonalds and said, ‘that was worth the wait’? No way! McDonalds is gross. Everyone knows it is not real food, but it is instant and cheap and everywhere.

I buy groceries at our gas station because I don’t want to drive the five minutes to Target and then have to walk to the back of the store to find my items. At the gas station I am in and out under three minutes. I do love Kwik Trip. It is kwik, I mean quick.

All that to say, we are waiting and at moments it feels like there is absolutely no end in sight. Everything within me says to pull over, stop at Kwik Trip. I have to fight the urge almost everyday, not knowing if the wait is truly worth it until we get there. I am hungry and I want to eat and those golden arches are calling my name. Instead, I am passing by McDs and fixing my eyes on something I can’t see.


       Do not lose heart.

Though outwardly we are wasting away,

yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day.

       For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all.

So we fix our eyes not on what is see, but what is unseen.

2 Corinthians 4:16-18


So, I fix my eyes on Jesus and follow hard after him. Trusting that this is the path he wants us on and until he tells us different, to stop drooling over french fries.

Did you follow? Or do you just want to go eat at McD’s? Funny how the mind works.

PS – those verses come from our friend, Paul, the guy who walked away from a nice respected lifestyle to radically follow Christ. He was beaten, imprisoned, and ridiculed. In perspective our wait doesn’t seem so bad after all.

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One thought on “Is McDs worth the wait?

  1. I needed to read this today. Waiting is such a challenge, but learning to be content while we wait is how we have been growing. I honestly cannot understand why God continues to tell us no, but I continue to hope for the day He says yes to our desire to have children. Thanks for writing this, my friend! Love you!!!

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