Book Review: Anything

Anything: The prayer that unlocked my God and my Soul

Is God real?

How do we know God or grow in him? Prayer, reading the bible, church, worship, experiences, suffering, confession, community, etc.

But, a lot of people do those things and may never really know God.

“The only exercise that works 100 percent of the time to draw one close to the real God is risk.”

“To risk is to willing place your life in the hand of an unseen God and an unknown future, then to watch him come through. He starts to get real when you live like that.” pg 9


Jennie Allen and her husband decided to risk it all and pray to God that he could have Anything and do Anything with their lives. This is a dangerous prayer to pray because the follow up to it is obedience.

Jennie takes us through her journey of searching for God, finding her ‘need’ for God, and then allowing God to have and do anything with her life.

“Sitting in the counselor’s office whining and crying after years of chasing things that were supposed to work for me, that were supposed to make me happy here, that God was supposed to do, I see that my ache was actually his mercy showing me that everything I loved other than him was never going to work. It was never supposed to work.” pg. 71

In giving God everything, Jennie and her husband were led to pursue adoption. Even though they felt this call, they still doubted (just as we still fight off doubts and mainly, worries).

She asked a friend if they were 100 percent positive when they adopted.

“She said, ‘of course we weren’t sure. At some point you just jump, doubting, all the way down’ ” pg. 144

Friends and family tried to discourage them from becoming too extreme, too radical. But, in the end, they chose to obey God.

Jennie described a moment in Rwanda after adopting their son,

“It had only been 24 hours since he had become ours, and yet I knew that no matter what challenges lay ahead, this could be the most beautiful story of my life.


Tears came as I felt God whispering, what if you had been too afraid to obey me? Look at what you would have missed.” pg 153


This book was beautifully written and this review doesn’t do it justice.

I resonated with Jennie’s doubts, insecurities, and her willingness to risk it all.

I acknowledge that more often than not I am afraid to obey God. But, I know and believe that a life lived for him is better than anything I could accomplish living for myself. I take that risk.

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