We spent the past week at my home church’s summer camp. My husband was the main camp speaker.

I taught the 8 year old class and helped Renae lead worship.

This is proof for Darla. We did sing ‘With Jesus in the Boat’. :)

It was a fun week!

At the beginning of the week I sat MissE down and explained to her that she would be largely on her own. I needed to trust that should would do her best to make good choices. Overall, she did great!

I had the same chat with Junior. He responded by getting into as much mischief as possible.

He melted the hearts of all the girls at camp, young and old.

Camp was over the 4th of July, so we had our own little mini-parade. Here is our family all ready to go!

It was really fun to serve at camp with my family and alongside those from my home church. I recognize more and more how fortunate I was to grow up in such a loving church body.

I am especially thankful for my youth pastor, Steve, and his wife, Darla. They have been serving faithfully at my home church for almost two decades and continue to be an encouragement to me!

My all time favorite part of camp, though, was that there were at least five adopted kids in attendance. I tried not to be a creeper, but it was fun and encouraging to watch the different kids.

One family just got back from a three week trip to Vietnam to visit the birth places of their children. Talking with the dad, he said his favorite part of the trip was visiting the orphanages and seeing how happy the kids were considering how little they had.

MissE became good friends with another little girl that had been adopted domestically. I talked with the girl about adoption and how we were adopting. She was very excited for us! She said she hoped we would adopt a brown baby, because she loves brown. So precious!

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