Apple Pie

That’s right. MissE and I baked an apple pie. I even broke down and bought Crisco to make the crust. Crisco just seems so un-natural and creepy to me. I have not owned it in over five years. I admit, I always bought the crust when making pies. I led my dear sister-in-law astray when I told her you could easily swap out Crisco for butter when making pie crust. Sorry!

So, alas, I bought Crisco and our apple pie turned out beautiful!

I was finally motivated to tackle pie crust in honor of Father’s day. On the actual day of Father’s day we were up north, celebrating my grandma’s life. The poor Rican didn’t get anything special on that day except an extra long road trip to the middle of no where. We love him and he is a really great dad! Happy Father’s day!

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