Serving Together

We ended our small group for the year by serving together. We (along with the kids that were old enough) went to Feed My Starving Children to pack food for hungry/malnourished kids. The food we packed was being sent to Haiti. The leader talked about how mothers there feed their children Haitian biscuits made of mud, water, and a little oil/salt to help ease their hunger so they can sleep at night.

It is so difficult to grasp that type of hunger when we have such an overabundance of food.

Here is MissE with some of her small group friends, ready to serve! They did such a great job of scooping rice, measuring veggies, and filling bags.

By the end of the night our entire group had packed 40 boxes, enough food to feed 24 children for an entire year!

The world-wide orphan crisis is largely fueled by poverty and taking steps to help parents/communities feed children is one way we can actively be part of the solution. We look forward to packing meals regularly as a family. It was a great experience for MissE and she came home eager to brainstorm more ideas/way to help raise money to care for orphans and starving children around the world.

Stay tuned for one of her great ideas!!

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