El Yunque Rainforest and Luquillo Beach

My favorite day in Puerto Rico was our rainforest/beach excursion.

Here is our little family by a waterfall. We climbed the rocks to the top, which just about stopped this mother’s heart.

Here we are at a lookout tower.

When we lived in Virginia, I loved the view of the Blue Ridge Mountains and the close proximity to the ocean. This view was way better!

There, in the distance, is the beach we went to after the rainforest.

Playing at the beach is a dirty job, but someone has to do it. This was easily Junior’s favorite beach activity.

They found a hole and continued to dig for lost treasure. Carmen told us that the last Pirates of the Caribbean was filmed in PR. The mountains in the background was where we had just been.

It was a beautiful place to run and play.

There was a part of me that wished we could have had an adults only day at the beach to just sit back, relax, and drink piƱa coladas.

Instead we shared piragua with the kids while we chased them down the beach.

But, the longer I’m a mom, the more I find joy in being with my children and watching them have fun together.

My dad has told me this before, too, that he finds great joy in watching his now adult kids spend time together.

I would not have traded the moments of shared laughter and beach exploration for anything.

This picture melts my heart. Such a treasure!

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