A  friend stopped me in church today to relay a funny story.

She told me that her daughter had pointed at a display in the store and said, “Look! It’s MissE’s daddy!”

Any guess what was being displayed?




Good thing I was already on team Jacob.


We had a lovely Christmas! The kids were super travelers, making this a great trip! We loved relaxing with family, visiting places, and celebrating the birth of Christ. We are still trying to forge our family traditions that can be maintained wherever we spend the holiday. We decided to open two gifts on Christmas Eve (pajamas for everyone and a new bible to read the story of the birth of Jesus) and the rest of gifts on Christmas day.

Here is our family on Christmas Eve. Say, “CHEESE!”

I bought the kids two items I swore I would never buy and, which of course, they loved it!

1. The incredibly ridiculous fad of PillowPets

2. Technological gadgets (a leapster for MissE and a kid laptop for Junior). They came in very handy when we missed our flight for the trip home and had to spend an extended amount of time in the airport.

Lastly, MissE received a bathtime barbie from her uncle. The Christmas Day service at church included several people getting baptized. MissE watched with enthusiastic curiosity and since that time Miss Barbie has been baptized each night. :)

A Day in D.C.

We had a fun, sight-seeing day in D.C. last week. It was just the two of us and it started with a tour of the White House. We were adamently told not to bring anything with us, specifically cameras. Once we got inside, however, they surprised us by saying for Christmas they were allowing pictures. All we had were our cell phones, so the pictures really don’t do it justice. Everything was beautiful and perfectly arranged.


Here we are, on the steps of the White House.

This was in the hallway. The picture doesn’t look all that great, but the stars hanging from the ceiling were lovely.

The state dinning room with Mr. Abe looking on.


The Creche. Hard to see, but very beautiful!

The library, with Bo by the fireplace.

I bonded with Bo.

Bo made of buttons.

This was the main Christmas tree decorated with purple hearts and handmade notes. There were several notes from children to their fathers. It was really sweet.

The two of us right by the tree.

The gingerbread house. They had pictures of previous years’ gingerbread houses, and this one put all of those to shame. Amazing!

Standing by the seal of the President, with the main tree in the background.

Having fun in the oval office ;)

Looking oh so presidential.

We stopped by the office of our congressman to get a guided tour by one of his staff. I was highly impressed that he has a canoe hanging from the wall in his office.

This is the view from the capitol. We were by the balcony where the president gets sworn in. You can see the Washington Monument straight ahead. The capitol was empty for the holidays so our guide gave us the behind the scenes tour. It was very interesting, but we weren’t allowed to take pictures for most of it.

The capitol ceiling. So impressive!

To honor my mother and sister, we made a quick stop at the Library of Congress. Someone had told us that this is the most beautiful building in D.C. They were not lying! I could handle doing research in this place!

On the steps of the Library of Congress, looking out at the capitol.


We stopped at the Supreme Court building, but they were already closed for the day. So, technically we visited all three branches of government.


Thanks to Carmen for watching the kids so we could experience it all!

More to come on the rest of our trip :)


7 years

  • 8 years ago I started my second semester at Liberty and met a very special certain someone. We started dating shortly after.
  • 7 years ago that special someone and I got married. This was one of the best decisions ever! Looking back, we didn’t know each other well, but he was exactly right for me. He was the balance and logic my life needed and I was the passion and drive his life needed. Together, life has been sweet!
  • 6 years ago I was finishing my master’s degree and we were pondering a cross-country move.
  • 5 years ago I was big and preggo and we were about to venture into parenthood.
  • 4 years ago I was floundering at mothering and trying to keep one foot in the working world and one in the at home mom community. We were trying to pay our bills on one salary, but struggling to do so.
  • 3 years ago we lost a baby
  • 2 years ago Mr. Junior arrived on the scene and we didn’t sleep for the next five months.
  • 1 year ago after a lot of hard work and overtime, we celebrated becoming debt free (except for our house) and God stirred our hearts towards adoption.

Today, I am thankful for the years we have journeyed together. I am thankful for the ups and downs which have resulted in a deeper love and a greater understanding. I am thankful for my husband of seven years and I am hopeful for many, many years to come. Marriage is a treasure and I’m so grateful I get to share life with the man I love!


My man learns to fly

Ever since I met Mr. Rican, he has been dreaming of flying a plane.

So, for his 30th birthday I gave him his dream via a flight lesson.

His birthday was in April. It is now November.

He admitted to me that he was a little apprehensive and had delayed scheduling the lesson.

This morning we prayed for safety and sent him off to conquer the world.

My sweet subdued husband came home all smiles.

He loved every minute of it and I am so proud of him!

First World Problems


We saw this video on another adoption blog.

We laughed and watched it again.

Then we went about our lives.

Until one of us complained about spots on the dishes.  The other responded, “first world problem.”

It has now become our standard rebuttal when one of us is complaining.

Too much stuff in the garage to park our second vehicle. First world problem.

Can’t decide what to wear today out of the closet full of clothes. First world problem.

The internet is down and we can’t check Facebook. First world problem.


You get the idea.

What are some of your first world problems?

My ‘problems’ have taken on a new light when I read about all that is happening in Somalia.


Our Anne

So, the Rican, MissE, and I all cuddled up and watched Anne of Green Gables.

It was magical.

Hubby and I kept exchanging glances and smiling at our very own Anne. We can totally picture her trying to balance on a roof top, floating down a river in a sinking boat, and breaking a slate over a boy’s head.

Maybe she’ll avoid the latter.

Halfway through the movie, MissE looks at me and says, “When I’m a mommy, I’m going to adopt.” Melted my heart!

Here she is setting up all her stuffed friends for a movie viewing party.

Family Picture Time

One of the many items required for our official Dossier paperwork (that will be sent to Honduras) are numerous family photos. The pictures need to be recent, so after church on Sunday we attempted a quick photo shoot.

Junior was not interested in this ‘fun’ activity.

Somehow we thought that if we all smiled bigger, Junior would catch the excitement and join us.

No luck with the boy, but at least everyone is looking at the camera.

Afterwards, MissE wanted a photo of us with her students aka stuffed animals.

What teacher doesn’t want a class photo to keep as a memento?

Family, Fun, and the Fourth

As hot as it has been, we absolutely could not resist heading to the lake for the weekend. We had a great time with family. The weather was HOT and we went through a lot of sunscreen. MissE swam from dawn til dusk.

The Rican was brave and took MissE on a sunset kayak ride to the island. I tried to join them, but alas, kayaking is hard work. Harder than it looks, trust me.

Junior tries his hand at golf. His uncles and grandpa hold the course record. He plans to break it by next summer. First he will need to master crossing the water hazards without falling in.

Nothing beats ice cream on a hot day!

Waiting in our front row seats, for the fireworks to start.

Apple Pie

That’s right. MissE and I baked an apple pie. I even broke down and bought Crisco to make the crust. Crisco just seems so un-natural and creepy to me. I have not owned it in over five years. I admit, I always bought the crust when making pies. I led my dear sister-in-law astray when I told her you could easily swap out Crisco for butter when making pie crust. Sorry!

So, alas, I bought Crisco and our apple pie turned out beautiful!

I was finally motivated to tackle pie crust in honor of Father’s day. On the actual day of Father’s day we were up north, celebrating my grandma’s life. The poor Rican didn’t get anything special on that day except an extra long road trip to the middle of no where. We love him and he is a really great dad! Happy Father’s day!